This book in dedicated to all of my students who through their desire for deeper truths have pushed me to retrieve revelations and insights to meet their demand for more enlightenment. Over the years I have had the privilege and opportunity to teach diverse levels of understanding. Each encounter brought levels of interpretation of the needs of my students and their need propelled me to a place where what they needed. I had a pursuit to acquire. To each and every one of them I say thank you.

I am extremely grateful because the pull of my students for more is what inspires me to be more. Where there is a strong desire for revelation the gifting of God within me is awakened and I push to give more. I believe one of the greatest callings there is, is the call that is answered by a teacher. For I believe that the heart of a teacher is not just to dissimulate knowledge but to be sure that the knowledge that is shared from teacher to student is relevant and that every student who has a desire for an impartation of truth from the teachers, that students attains all that they are after. The teacher is not motivated with teaching but motivated but the apprehension and comprehension of the students. To see the students duplicate and reciprocate what they have learned by practical application.

It is my desire that as many as receive insight, encouragement, enlightenment and revelation from the words of this book, become a teacher of that which has inspired them.

"Whosoever shall do and teach others the understanding of the commandments of the Lord shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven." Matthew 5:19

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Apostle Gray has served as a Senior Pastor and Apostle for more than two decades. As an ordained apostle the ministry of the Lord that flows through this woman of God brings edification and clarity to the body of Christ and all who encounter her presence. She carries a glory given her by God that is displayed in her prolific teachings. She bears within her a word that is apostocially sound with a prophetic declarative that brings believers in line with their true purpose. This sent voice in the earth assists the believer in obtaining a greater spiritual preparedness that empowers them to meet the challenges of ministry in the 21st Century. Apostle Gray carries an authentic anointing for leaders and sets a standard for those who follow the revelation and glory as it is revealed in her.

The message in the voice that God has given Apostle Gray has touched hundreds of thousands of lives nationally and internationally. She has traveled and preached and been accepted in hundreds of churches and ministries across the nations. Her call is to the body of Christ and she has been received by both denominational and non denominational groups. Her ministry is apostolic and prophetic; her teachings are revelatory yet comprehensible. Her raw, uncut, uncensored sharp as a sword delivery of the word causes the hearers to take an inside look at the real issues of their Christian walk. She aggravates the common place and provokes believers to embrace a new place in the realm of the spirit. She exposes the plans of the enemy and reveals the tactics of the flesh that hinder the believer from reaching their ultimate potential.

The accolades of her accomplishments in her 35 years of Christian service to the Lords church and His people are numerous. She currently is the Apostolic leader of Rehoboth International Ministries serving as mentor and leader to churches in Hawaii, Kenya & Kitale Africa as well as the East and West coasts of the United States. Apostle Gray is the Dean of Instruction for Kingdom Ministries International Fellowships. She serves on the Board of Regents of NPowerr mmmmm

Ministries Seminary and Apostolic Council and is the founder of Champions Ministry a ministry that is geared to promote the leader in you. Apostle Gray is a humble servant of Gods who is called to many nations. She serves as an ambassador of purpose and a facilitator of unity. She is a woman sent by God for this time.